From Small to Big: Alejandro Betancourt

When Alejandro Betancourt goes for something, he goes all in. He is a man with a vision and will carry it out no matter what. He is an entrepreneur who will take a look at a company and figure out how to make it better. One of the companies that have benefitted greatly from his touch is a company called Hawkers. It was a small company that was stuck in a rut until Alejandro Betancourt came along. Here is the story of that financial success.

Hawkers was a small company that was started by four friends. It got off to a good start and then became stuck. The friends did not know what to do to the company out of the bind they were in. This is when Alejandro Betancourt came into play. He was able to not only figure out the problem but take the company to a worldwide level. This is the gift that he has. The reason for the success was due to a new campaign.

The campaign was risky at the time and proved to be a trendsetter for new businesses to follow. The campaign was launched on the internet and things fell into place. Hawkers were able to expand the comer base for high-quality sunglasses at reasonable prices. People tested them out and liked them. That is when word of mouth spread and that helped too. It may have been a small idea but big things always have small beginnings. Alejandro Betancourt was the one responsible for it and more

He was able to take a simple idea and let it grow. Now he has become one of the premier entrepreneurs of the last decade and has made his life a big success. Alejandro Betancourt was the right man for the big job at the right time.