Randal Nardone is among the trusted leader at Fortress Investment Group

A company like Fortress Investment Group did not just become big overnight. It was because of the hard work of the co-founders of the company that made the firm reach its real potential. Fortress Investment Group has five co-founders, and Randal Nardone is among the co-founders. He has been the reason for the company’s ascent. People said that due to the acquisition of SoftBank Randal was going to leave Fortress Investment Group. That was not that case because he stated that he was going to still be in the company offering his leadership role. The other thing that he hopes to maintain going forward is the status quo and more

The reason why Fortress Investment Group cannot afford to lose Randal Nardone is the experience that he has cannot be replaced. For decades he has been offering his services in the private equity sector and before he even joined Fortress Investment Group, he had a great deal of experience. Randal Nardone got his BA in Biology and English at the University of Connecticut. After that, he joined Boston University School of Law where he gained his J.D. After his graduation at Boston, it was not long after he got his first job. His first employment was at Thacher, Profit, and Wood law firm. During his time at the company, he became a partner and a member of the executive committee. Those positions were so helpful in his future career because he acquired the needed experience.

Just after he founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, he was offering his services at UBS and BlackRock where he was the principal and managing director. The other that he has done is that he has been on the board of directors of different organization that have been of help in gaining his experience. Currently, Randal Nardone is working at Eurocastle Investment Limited where he is the director. The different positions that he has held have put him in an excellent place to see through the success of Fortress Investment Group in the years to come. No problem is big or small that he can’t solve. That’s why at Fortress Investment Group he is one of the most trusted people.