Simon Denyer on his life and career

There have been a lot of ups & downs in the career of Simon Denyer but he says he would not trade his time at the Washington Post for anything in the world.

He was raised in a small town on the out skirts of London & proved to have a knack for academics ever since he was a little kid. This is how he got offers from some of the premier colleges when he got out of high school. Though he was tempted to live that bulldog life, he opted to go with lancing at the end of the day.

So Simon Denyer agreed to be a part of the class of 83 & had a good time meeting new people when he was there. But he knew it couldn’t last for the rest of his life. So he began to make plans for what he would do after this time in his life was over.

To help with this, he had his mentor give him ideas on what kind of career he could have & they were soon able to come up with one of the best plans in the world. By the time he got to grad school, Simon Denyer was well aware of the fact that he wanted to learn more about economics.

This is why he made it his major & would soon be one of the top students in his graduating class. He finished with honors in the late 80’s & this led to him having 10 different offers.

Though Reuters did make him a good offer, Simon Denyer opted to go with the Washington Post at the end of the day. He is now one of their top brass & does a lot of reporting on China from his home in Yokohama.

About Simon Denyer:

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